Doug looks at the many ways a story can be told. How does one tell a story? What does each storyteller bring to a story? What does a story require to be told? The workshop looks at the various tools available to engage a story and encourages the exploration of integrating oneself with the material at hand.

Commedia dell'Arte

The Servant of Two Masters This workshop can include a general history and context for the evolution of the commedia dell’arte. A workshop oriented toward performance would include physcial comedy, classic commedia characters and their movements, performance style and improvisation. This can take place as a one time workshop, or a several week residency. This can also be a residency as part of a rehearsal for a commedia production. Please contact Doug to discuss possibilities.

Movement for actors

Doug performing onstage A physical workshop designed for actors to become more aware of movement and the possibilities it offers to their work.

Physical theatre

Doug in performance An exploration of movement theatre styles including mime illusion, mask play and performance, and creation of material through improvisation. This workshop can be a one class workshop or up to three week residency.