No Show

In many theatrical performances the play happens on a stage behind an invisible fourth wall. The characters of the play are unaware they are being watched by the audience. This is not the case in Doug Berky’s, “NO SHOW”. The premise of “NO SHOW” is that a performance has been scheduled. The stages is set. The audience is seated and waiting, but the actors are a “no show.” A “member” of the audience begins to search for the cast. When they cannot be found he discovers the set and all the props waiting to be used. Theatrical masks, juggling equipment, and a tutu are just a few of the items discovered. “NO SHOW” is a structured improvisation with audience interaction. It weaves together elements of mime, circus, masks and silent movie schtick. It is designed as a family show and is appropriate for all ages.

No Show provided much more than hysterical laughter and good entertainment. Doug Berky’s performance awakened imaginations, inspired creativity, instilled appreciation for theatre arts, and increased knowledge of our shared cultural history, while also reinforcing the value of thoughtful study and hard work. Wow! No Show is quite a show, indeed! Darke County Center for the Arts on NO SHOW